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Frequently asked questions

I don’t see a pricing plan that works for me – do you do custom plans?

Sure, this is not a one size fits all site!  Some people need more images, some need less, some don’t like locking into subscription and some need larger images. Our Plant Collection wants to work with you and help you get what you need to be successful! You can send any questions through on the contact page.

Can I get a refund if I’m not happy?

Absolutely!  If you are not 100% happy with the quality of our photos or service, Our Plant Collection will refund that month’s fees and cancel your subscription – no questions asked!  You can send any questions or issues through on the contact page.

What is the format of the photos?

Images are .JPG format and range in size from 1500 x 1000 to approximately 1500 x 1200.  Square photos are 1500 x 1500.  If you need a different size photo or have a suggestion of standard size photos you would like to see, by all means send details through on the contact page.

What am I allowed to use these pictures for?

You can use the images for a variety of  things… newsletters, updating your website and social media to name a few. Our Plant Collection just asks that you please do not resell these images or use in a third party application or website (please see terms and conditions).

I see an error in one of the plant names, who shall I contact?

Our Plant Collection strives for perfection however I do realize some plant varieties do look very similar and an error could have been made. Also, it is possible the plant material was not labelled properly where the image was taken. Please feel free to let me know and I will be sure to correct!

I am trying to find images for a certain plant, do you have it?

There is a very good possibly a certain image has not been uploaded yet. There are still thousands of images to be uploaded.  Please ask on the contact page.

Where do all of the images come from?

I have personally taken each one of these images over the past 4 years and still go out for two full days each week to add to the collection. Most images are from the East Coast US, Ireland, France, Denmark and New Zealand. I hope to get more tropical images in the near future and I am planning a trip out west to get some desert plants in March.

I have a few ideas on what would improve this site, can I contact you?

Sure! Any and all input is very much appreciated. I am here to help you make your website and social media presence the best it can be and all constructive criticism both good and bad is welcomed.