Our Plant Collection is focused on helping horticulture & landscape companies get the photos they need so they can create an inviting website and social media accounts for all their users to view.

  • Own a nursery or garden center and know you need to increase your online presence?
  • Know you can take the images yourself with your phone to save some money, but you’re not completely happy with the end product that’s just “good enough for now?”
  • Tired of searching online for nice, clear plant images and worrying about high costs or even worse, copyright infringement?
  • Overwhelmed with what you already need to do for your daily tasks of running a successful business and can’t even begin to think about how to collect all the plant information you need for a website and social media account?
  • Need a quick easy way to get plant images without breaking the bank?

Our Plant Collection can help!

I offer beautiful photos of various plant material that were taken around the world. You can now update your website and send out great social media posts without worry. Simply pick your subscription level, make a payment and start downloading. Easy as that!

Where It All Started

About Bernice
I love plants…I always have. Growing up, I’d spend time in our yard with my dad, an avid gardener. I was drawn to the way different flowers and leaf colors and textures came together to create such a beautiful, soothing place. I came to appreciate how having beautiful, plant-filled outdoor spaces can make such a positive difference in people’s lives, and spent my early professional career as a landscape designer. Our Plant Collection combines my passion for being in nature, love of plants and garden design, and background in IT. This is a global plant image project which will help me start a business documenting plants and their characteristics.

Why Our Plant Collection?

I launched Our Plant Collection as a way to compile high quality plant images will be used to serve horticulture & landscape companies. The amount of plants and information needed to build your typical nursery & garden center website can be overwhelming for anyone, let alone the busy professional who needs to work on running their business. At Our Plant Collection we will focus on the image compilation while you focus on your business.